Monster giving the thumbs up to FedRAMP security with a lock icon in the backgroundAgencies Encouraged to Reuse MonsterGov's FedRAMP Package for MHME System Authorization to Operation (ATO)

In order to continue meeting the needs of our federal government agency customers, Monster Government Solutions (MonsterGov) has been in the process of obtaining FedRAMP authorization for its flagship federal talent acquisition system, Monster Hiring Management Enterprise (MHME), through GSA, our agency sponsor.

FedRAMP logoWhat does this mean for my agency?
The good news is GSA and MonsterGov have already done all the heavy lifting! Per FedRAMP policy, other federal agencies will be able to reuse GSA's FedRAMP security package for their own MHME system ATO. Agencies will still need to review the FedRAMP package against their own unique security needs to make sure any gaps are covered.

What is MonsterGov's recommendation for my agency?
MonsterGov has invested heavily to pursue this FedRAMP authorization to ease the security burden on agencies and allow customers to reallocate their security resources for other high value priorities. We strongly recommend agencies reuse our FedRAMP security package to issue MHME system ATOs. This ensures a pre-reviewed, approved, and authorized security package that meets federal guidelines – saving agencies time, money, and valuable resources.

How can my agency access and use the FedRAMP package?
Although our FedRAMP package is currently available for download, we strongly recommend agencies wait until our full authorization to ensure you're reviewing the correct version with all final updates. The information security team at your federal agency can request this package through the FedRAMP Marketplace and receive access through OMB's portal. As of now, MonsterGov is waiting for final approval of the FedRAMP agency authorization, but the package is already available to download since we’re "In process". To access the package: simply follow the link here to the MonsterGov FedRAMP page, select the "Package Access Request Form" link found below the Package ID, complete the form, and submit per instructions within the form. For instructions on reusing a FedRAMP authorization, you can view the Quick Guide here.

What is the timeline of GSA’s FedRAMP authorization?
The timeline for final authorization is managed by the FedRAMP Program Management Office; however, MonsterGov is in steady communication with the PMO to ensure this process is completed. We anticipate FedRAMP final authorization by the end of the year, and we will notify customers once official.

What happens after our FedRAMP authorization?
FedRAMP requires continuous security delivery, assessment, and project-level support and deliverables to maintain the ATO. MonsterGov has invested in internal ISSO resources to manage and support our customers’ security needs. We are also investing in 3PAO advisory services for our continuous security operations and compliance with FedRAMP, which includes annual assessments.

Looking Ahead...
While our current MHME system is FedRAMP "In Process", we're also simultaneously working on a FedRAMP Significant Change Request for our planned enhancements to our Onboarding and Analytics, which will be rolled out to interested customers in 2022.

Screenshot of the FedRAMP Marketplace and text "Visit the FedRAMP Marketplace" Screenshot of the FedRAMP Quick Guide and text "Download the FedRAMP Quick Guide"

Questions on FedRAMP? Reach out to your MonsterGov Professional Services team member!
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